Child soldiers below 15 turn pirates in Somalia

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Somalian pirates
New Delhi, Mar 17: The perils of the sea are plenty and with the recent hike in pirate attacks, the scare is only heightened for the large number of Indian sailors who brave many challenges to make a living in the high seas. But who would have thought the threats would come from children who have turned deadly pirates.

While Indian authorities are still grappling with the menace, the incidents of abduction and torture are only increasing. Only recently, The Indian Navy managed to capture pirates who were terrorizing the seas and found that of the 61 person nabbed, 25 were children and that too below 15 years of age. An official commented on this alarming trend and said, “At least four of them are just 11 or so. It seems younger and younger children in Somalia are being pushed into piracy, which is proving immensely lucrative in the lawless country...the established pirates, who have got rich, are no longer sailing out on raids."

There exists no specific laws to curb piracy in India and with 'child soldiers' featuring in the deadly attacks, the authorities are at their wit's end on what needs to be done following their capture. The Navy have been able to foil two pirate attacks, of which many were comparatively youngsters. But it was the latest encounter that revealed the existence of children blow 15 who were in the piracy business.

With the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard trying all they can to curb the Somalian pirates that have brought horror to sailors, charging them under rioting, damaging government property and other criminal offenses as well as the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and Arms Act.

An annual report by the Defence Ministry stated, “The threat of piracy and terrorism to international trade and safety of the sea lanes of communication has emerged as a major problem. The spread of piracy to areas close to our western seaboard has made this a cause of greater concern."

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