Last 50 workers ordered to leave Fukushima N-plant ASAP

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Tokyo, Mar 16: A group of 50 technicians were the real heroes who braved to stay back at poisoned Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. The technicians, the last chance of the country to fight with current worst nuclear situation, had tried to prevent a broader nuclear catastrophe. Now, recent information claimed that all workers are ordered to leave the place as soon as possible.

A new fire was seen from the No 4 reactor of the nuclear plant. Government officials initially denied the news about fire at Fukushima. However, after some time the officials expressed cautious - it was not yet clear that if the fire, which was seen previously in the plant, had died out.

As the cause of the fire is yet to reveal, officials, finally, ordered the workers to leave the Fukushima. Sources reported that it was too dangerous for workers to get near the reactor, No 4, to determine exactly what is happening.

The 50 faceless, unnamed workers, pumped seawater on dangerously exposed nuclear fuel which is believed to have started melting partly and spewing radioactive material.

Japan's news agency Kydo reported that the health ministry on Tuesday, Mar 15 had raised the legal limit on the amount of radiation to which each worker could be exposed, to 250 millisieverts from 100 millisieverts, five times the maximum exposure permitted for American nuclear plant workers.

The miseries of the workers were multiplied when Japanese scientists on Tuesday have revealed that the radioactive levels have increased into worrying levels in the Fukushima periphery.

Sources in French embassy in Tokyo has claimed that a low-level radioactive wind is spreading across Tokyo and would show its impact in a few hours from now. The French Embassy in Tokyo warned in an advisory that a low level of radioactive wind could reach the capital in about 10 hours.

While, the reactor meltdown could spell trouble for people living in the vicinity, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has already ordered the evacuation of people living in a 30km radius of the plant totalling to 140,000 people.

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