Radioactivity reach worrying levels, Tokyo faces heat

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Japan nuclear emergency
Fukushima, Mar 15: It was as if rubbing salt over festered wounds, Japan is facing a gaping nuclear crisis that has all the potential to snowball into a nuclear catastrophe soon.

After multiple explosion in the nuclear reactor in Fukushima, Japanese scientists have revealed that the radioactive levels have increased into worrying levels in the periphery. If that's not all, sources in the French embassy in Tokyo has claimed that a low-level radioactive wind is spreading across Tokyo and would show its impact in a few hours from now. The French Embassy in Tokyo warned in an advisory that a low level of radioactive wind could reach the capital in about 10 hours.

While, the reactor meltdown could spell trouble for people living in the vicinity, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has already ordered the evacuation of people living in a 30km radius of the plant totalling to 140,000 people. In his address to the nation, "There has been a fire at the No. 4 reactor and radiation levels in the surrounding area have heightened significantly. The possibility of further radioactive leakage is heightening. We are making every effort to prevent the leak from spreading. I know that people are very worried but I would like to ask you to act calmly."

Japan is still coming to terms with the tsunami that wiped away towns and villages off maps, and millions displaced in the deadly waves. Authorities are still trying to ascertain the extent of loss. With death and missing figures increasing every day, the impending nuclear cloud is only worsening rescue efforts.

After the fourth explosion ripped the Fukushima plant, the Japanese PM has called the crisis, the worst since World War 2. With financial costs estimated at up to $180 billion, the local Kyodo news agency has been quoted as saying that the radiation levels are nine times the normal levels.

Meanwhile, the radiation levels could have long-term impact on the well-being of its citizens. South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines have already gone on record saying that they would put stringent tests in place to test Japanese food imports for radiation.

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