Indian astrologer predicts horrible devastation for Japan

Written by: Ani
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Japan Tsunami
New Delhi, Mar. 12: Noted astrologer Lachhman Das Madan has predicted more calamities for Japan, a day after that country was ravaged by an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter Scale.

The earthquake also unleashed a tsunami that has so far claimed over 1000 lives and devastated an entire prefecture in the north east of the country. Madan has said that Japan will experience "horrible devastation" in the remaining part of the year.

Referring to his "Baba Ji" Volume 328, which was released on Dec 31, 2010, Madan has predicted the following below.

"Japan :In fact, the period ending 2nd Jun, 2011 is horrible and they must take effective measures to protect themselves from severe troubles like escalation of military operations, more ferocious weather and nature including volcanic eruption. Setback to Govt and Parliament, eruption of violence, loss of huge property and loss of life is feared. Unexpected types of diseases and epidemics are feared. Cases of suicide are also likely to be reported."

"The periods around Apr and May, 2011 are more horrible..... The year 2011 is highly ominous and the people should remain ready to meet the unexpected challenges which may develop in this year," he adds.


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