Tibet to be unmoved by Dalai Lama's death: China

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Dalai Lama
Beijing, Mar 8: China blames followers of the religious leader Dalai Lama for fomenting violence in the country demanding separate Tibet. Dalai Lama's religious influence in the region does not need to mention separately. But recently a top official from China shocked many when he claimed that Tibet will be unmoved with Dalai Lama's death. Though he also added that the region may have some minor impacts.

"...he (Dalai Lama) has no power over Tibet's political issues. So the overall social situation will remain stable, and we (China) are prepared to handle some minor turbulence after his death," stated head of the standing committee of the autonomous region's people's congress and former chairman of Tibet, Qiangba Puncog.

"Of course there will be some small shock waves due to religious factors, but we will take that into consideration and will surely guarantee long-term political stability in Tibet," Puncog added while trying to imagine the pro-Dalai Lama period in Tibet and as well as in China.

Following some unrest in the country, 76-year-old Dalai Lama was forced by the Chinese government to flee with his supporters in 1959. The 14th Dalai Lama then reached India and formed the - Tibetan government-in-exile.

The entire Tibetan region in 2008 witnessed a violent anti-government riots that killed at least 22 people and set off a wave of protests across Tibetan areas of western China. However, the region is quiet now.

Despite China's blaming of creating chaos in the country, Dalai Lama always rejected all charges. Another Chinese leader and the party chief of Tibet, Zhang Qingli, claimed, "It's not that the anti-Chinese forces and the Dalai clique haven't thought of stirring up unrest in Tibet since the Mar 14 incident."

However, sources also quoted Chinese officials as stating that the reincarnation tradition cannot be abandoned and that the next Dalai Lama must be born in a Tibetan area under Chinese control.

Recently in a statement, Dalai Lama insisted that his reincarnation would be born in exile and has also said the tradition could end with his death.

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