Yemenis wake up to hope, demand Prez's ouster

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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Sanaa, Mar 5: Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and now its Yemen which has come under the wave of generational transformation that demands long-standing country-heads to step-down and pave the way for a brighter new future.

Thousands have taken to the streets to demand the end of President Ali Abdullah Saleh's three decades old rule.

Yemen, a deeply impoverished Islamic nation in the Middle-East, under the rule of Ali Abdullah Saleh for the last three-decades, is an important ally of the USA in its war against al Qaeda. Saleh is adamant that he will step down only when his current term in office ends in 2013.

In a wave of protests against long-standing regimes in the Islamic nations of Africa and Middle-East, governments of Egypt and Tunisia have already been toppled while Libya and Bahrain are still facing violent uprisings against the incumbents in power.

Opposition parties have put forth a plan for Saleh to step down as protest against him are swelling with each passing day.

Reuters quoted, the opposition's rotating president Mohammed al-Mutawakil as saying, "The president rejected the proposal and is holding on to his previous offer."

Analsyts predict that the protests inspired from the same in Egypt and Tunisia might take a violent shape if Saleh remains glued to power. They also opine that eventually he would have to quit, just the way Hosni Muabrak did in Egypt.

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