Taliban accepts charge of Pak Minister killing

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Pakistan and terror
Islamabad, Mar 2: Pakistan once again has been rocked with death news of Minister of Minority, Shahbaz Bhatti on Wednesday, Mar 2. Bhatti was shot dead while he was reportedly moving towards his work place. Now, the terror out fit Taliban accepted the charges of the murder, sources reported.

Taliban, as the sources reported, claimed the charges and asserted that whoever will raise any question against their religion, the terror group will punish them as they have done with Bhatti.

Shahbaz had supported the amendments proposed by legislator Sherry Rehman in the blasphemy law. Local media reported that after another leader Salman Taseer's assassination, Shahbaz had received life threats from unknown people.

However, Shahbaz, recently, had stated publicly, "I was told that if I was to continue the campaign against the blasphemy law, I will be assassinated. I will be beheaded. But forces of violence, forces of extremism cannot harass me, cannot threaten me."

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