Will VS lead LDF again?

Written by: Pti
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Though the recent political turns and twists somewhat brightened Achuthanandan''s chances of getting back as thepivot in the battle, indications from CPI(M) sources are thatthe official faction would try their best to avoid such ascenario.

According to party sources, the rectification documentadopted by CPI-M central leadership after the Left''s sordidperformance in 2009 Lok Sabha polls in Kerala insists that amajority of the party�s state secretariat members would bekept out of electoral contest as their services should beutilised on organisational front.

This could mean most of the incumbent CPI(M) ministerswould not be fielded for elections. This scenario could beapplied in the case of Achuthanandan as well by the partyleadership.

Apart from his age, another factor that could provedisadvantageous to Achuthanandan may be that he is not amember of the party''s highest body Polit Bureau, from whichhe was removed about two years back following a grim feud withVijayan.

However, going by his penchant to fight back,Achuthanandan may not be willing to accept such organisationallogics. So far, he had never given any hint of electoralfatigue or that he would opt out of the contest himself.

In 2001 and 2006, he was elected from the Mamapuzhasegment in Palakkad district.

In 1996, he was defeated in Mararikkulam, in his homedistrict Alappuzha, though the LDF captured power at the time.

His defeat was allegedly the result of the machinations of hisrivals within the party then.

In 2006, Achuthanandan was first denied ticket by theparty state leadership, despite he proving to be highlysuccessful as opposition leader in the previous five years.

But he upset the calculations of his rivals by getting thedecision reversed by demonstrating his popularity and with thesupport of some party bigwigs of the time like late JyotiBasu.

His opponents, however, say times have changed sincethen for Achuthanandan as his grip on the party has loosenedmuch with many of his own camp followers deserting him. In theparty polls held two years back, he had lost control over amajority of districts.

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