Google whips up a new treat for foodies

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San Francisco, Feb 26: Search engine giant, Google, has become a part and parcel of our lives whether you like it or not. From cancer symptoms to step-by-step instructions to unclogging drains, Google has answers to everything through its search engine.

The latest offering in Google's kitty is for the foodies among us. A brand new addition, Google has made a brand new addition and has introduced a 'Recipe View' feature on its site starting Thursday. From now on people can put in their recipe requests on the search menu and will get instructions on how the dishes are to be made. The function will help cooking enthusiasts get various options to cook a particular dish.

Google product manager, Kavi Goel, was speaking on the newly-introduced 'Recipe View' said, “My parents follow the art of cooking by intuition, where the right amount of each spice is measured out by gut feel, but that's never worked very well for me. As a math geek and computer engineer, I prefer to work with concrete numbers and instructions, including when cooking."

The feature will allow users to classify recipes based on name of dishes, ingredients, cooking time and calorie count. It will also have ratings for the various options that it shows. Goel in a quirky comment on their new feature said, "We like to 'eat our own dog food' at Google, meaning we like to test our own products and features ourselves before releasing them for public consumption. With Recipe View, we've taken this more literally than usual."

The function will initially roll out in Japan and the United States and will later be available in other countries.

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