Assange raped by flawed legal process: Mother

Written by: Ani
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Julian Assange
London, Feb 25: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's mother vented her anger on law system and claimed that her son has been victimised by a blemished legal process.

Assange's mother Christine Assange said that her son's ordered extradition to Sweden represents a David and Goliath situation. Also added, "wherein Assange has been gang raped by a flawed legal process."

After over two days of hearings at a London magistrate's court this month, Judge Howard Riddle had ordered that the 39-year-old Australian should be sent to Sweden for questioning over allegations of rape and sexual assault.

"It's a real David and Goliath situation. You've got misuse of the European arrest warrant, first time ever that it's been used this way. I would say that what we're looking at here is political and legal gang rape of my son," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Christine, as saying.

She further said that the Australians should urge their local MPs to speak against the "abuse of process".

"I'm, obviously, scared for him as a mother but the world ought to be scared for its democracies. The greatest fear I have is that the western world in its effort to shut up someone who's telling the truth to the people of their countries will breach every piece of legislation in order to get him and will co-operate across borders to do so," she added.

Yesterday, the Wikileaks founder did not appear shocked at the court's decision to extradite him to Sweden. Later, he called the case "nonsense", adding that he would to appeal against the decision in Britain's High Court.


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