Intel Thunderbolt - Real Lightning on laptops!

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Thunderbolt technology on Apple MacBook Pro
San Francisco, Feb 25: Apple Inc launched the new line-up of its popular netbooks MacBook Prowith a faster and more advanced processor. However, the real hero who stole the entire show was Intel's Thunderbolt technology that offers lightning speed to your laptops.

The Thunderbolt technology, which was formerly known as 'Light Peak', is a new connection technology that provides high speed data transfer between two devices. Thunderbolt combines data, audio, video and power in a single connection. The Thunderbolt technology enables users to transmit a full-length HD movie in less than 30 seconds.

The Thunderbolt port includes two channels, which means that it functions bi-directionally. It can send data and receive data at the same time. It is believed to be faster than current technologies like FireWire 800 and USB 3.0. Intel's new technology gives 10Gbps speed.

Thunderbolt, developed by Intel in collaboration with Apple, uses two communications methods, the PCI Express and the DisplayPort architectures. The Thunderbolt technology is powered by an Intel controller chip. Apple's new MacBook Pro netbooks are the first devices to use the Thunderbolt technology.

"Working with HD media is one of the most demanding things people do with their PCs. With Thunderbolt technology, Intel has delivered innovative technology to help professionals and consumers work faster and more easily with their growing collection of media content, from music to HD movies. We've taken the vision of simple, fast transfer of content between PCs and devices, and made it a reality," said Mooly Eden, general manager, PC Client Group, Intel.

In the near future we could expect more devices like computers, smartphones, digital cameras, audio-video systems and more featuring the Thunderbolt technology.

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