Satnam can become first Indian in NBA, says Gervin

Written by: Pti
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Mumbai, Feb 24 (PTI) US basketball legend George ''TheIceman'' Gervin feels that 15-year-old 7-ft two-inches tallSatnam Singh Bhamara can become the first Indian to play inthe glamorous NBA if he shows passion for the game.

"He became famous for his height. He famous before he''seven played a ball. If he gets good training, works hard, andshows a lot of passion, he can play for India. Hopefully, hewill show the passion, otherwise there is no use of him beingtall," he said during an interaction here.

"If he does, he can be the first player from India to bein the NBA," added the three-time NBA champion who was votedto the NBA''s 50 Greatest Players list in 1996.

The Punjab teenager Satnam has made waves in the Indianjunior basketball circles and was selected for the scholarshipfor the IMG Basketball Academies in Florida, USA.

An advice from one of the biggest basketball players inthe history of the game is a good sign for Satnam, whose namewas first mentioned by WNBA legend Katie Smith, when askedwhether she had heard about any players from India.

Gervin who was known for his signature move, thefinger-roll, a shot in the ball is rolled along thefingertips, said he had not invented the move, though he hadpopularised it.

He recalled how his team-mates had accused him ofstealing the finger roll from them and making it his own andhe quipped, "I learned a piece from each of you guys and tookit to another level." .

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