I didn''t break the television set, insists Ponting

Written by: Pti
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Nagpur, Feb 24 (PTI) Reprimanded by the ICC for breach ofcode of conduct, Australian captain Ricky Ponting todaymaintained that he did not damage the television set in thedressing room during the match against Zimbabwe intentionallyand that it was just an "accident".

Ponting had accepted the Level 1 charge and the proposedsanction from Match Referee Roshan Mahanama but insisted thathe did not hit the TV set intentionally.

"I don''t know where the stories have come from. I acceptwhat ICC has come up with so far about reprimand. I justwanted to clarify that television set was not hit by me withmy cricket bat.

"It was my cricket box that hit the my cricket kit andcaused small damage to the television set. I reported thematter straightaway to the team manager. They replaced the TVset immediately," Ponting told the mediapersons at Jamthatoday.

"Some of the things reported over the past two days hadbeen different from what actually happened," he added.

But Ponting did admit that although it was an "accident",it shouldn''t have happened in the first place.

"Dressing room is a sacred place and there is always aline which one shouldn''t cross. It was accidental and nomalice was involved," he said in an apologetic tone.

He was found to have breached clause 2.1.2 of the codewhich relates to abuse of cricket equipment or clothing,ground equipment or fixtures and fittings during aninternational match.

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