Ramdev stretches into politics to cure 'system'

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Baba Ramdev
New Delhi, Feb 24: When all doors are closed for any treatment, Baba Ramdev appear as the only hope for the cure of all cancerous diseases with his well-preserved Yoga postures. Now, it seems that the Yoga guru is all set to enter politics as he had desired long back.

Ramdev's proximity to Indian politics has once again come into the limelight when Ramdev and Congress landed in an open verbal duet. This time the Black money controversy brought him into a spat with the Congress. The Yoga guru publicly raised the issue of Indian money stashed away illegally in Swiss banks which is estimated to be between 1-1.5 trillion USD.

He says that Congress led UPA government must take concrete action and bring back the money as it belongs to the people of India and has been taken out of the country illegally. And the controversy reached its peak when Congress MP Ninong Ering allegedly called him a "Bloody Indian."

After citing several protests from nation wide supporters of the Guru, the Congress has now came up with its demand that Ramdev should disclose the details of his property. Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh claimed, "He must understand that we are as much against the black money as he claims to be. My only request to him is that he should be fair, he should not be partisan."

However, accepting Congress' demand, Ramdev vowed to announce property details in public and also claimed, "We have not taken an inch of land from the Government."

During his 'Bharat Swabhiman Yatra' - an anti corruption drive by Baba Ramdev in 2010, he announced that he is out to 'cleanse' the world's largest democracy of 1.2 billion people of corruption, drawing support by carrying out the drive across the country.

With his aim to enter the politics before the 2014 General Elections, Baba Ramdev stated, "What I would do will be seen in two years, but one thing is sure that it will be in benefit of the country."

"I had said those 543 people should be sent to Parliament who are not corrupted, who are clean in character. That's our first goal," announced the renowned Yoga guru last year.

Now, it will definitely be interesting on how the unique tactics of Baba Ramdev will cure the Indian political system which is filled with corruption, irregularities and economic disparities. Share your views and comments with OneIndia.

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