Surat cricket enthusiasts develop website for World Cup

Written by: Pti
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Ahmedabad, Feb 21 (PTI) Three cricket enthusiasts inSurat city of South Gujarat have developed interactive websitespecially for the World Cup 2011 where one can watch thematches live, besides participating in games and sharing theirpassion for the game with communities online.

The website '''' is in the stages of finalisationand also boasts of having some rare videos once coding andintegration of the site is complete.

"We are crazy about cricket. And this website isresult of the hard work for the last two years," Masud Vorajeeone of the three who developed the website told PTI.

"Me, Nirav Patel and Dakshesh Chauhan have not studiedtogether or know each other from childhood. But we met a fewyears ago while working on some projects," he said.

All of us shared the same passion, Cricket, and thatis when we decided that we need to do something for the game.

"Since all of us were from the IT background, we decidedto make a website with all information related to cricket andespecially World Cups," Vorajee said.

He said that the website also has the facility of viewingmatches live using feeds from broadcasters. "These feeds arefor users register on our site," he said. However one needs agood broadband connection to view the match.

Vorajee further claimed that they would be uploadingvideos of memorable innings by some great players. (More) PTIPB PD DK

"We would also be uploading video footage of Kapil Dev''s innings against Zimbabwe in 1983 World Cup where hescored 175 not out," Vorajee said.

"We are in talks with some of our friends and wellwishers in Australia who have recorded footage of Kapil''sinnings. We expecting to get he footage soon," he added.

Vorajee is the conceptuliser, Patel does the coding,while Chauhan, a fine art graduate is the web designer. Theyalso have one other person called Farhan who does all the dataentry of records for each game.

According to Patel, who is MSc(IT), besides live matchthe website has other features like details of cricket worldcup from 1975-2007 with records for batting and bowling.

"We have also developed a game called CricDraft wherein a group of friends can get together and play cricketonline," he said adding there was also another game where onehas to predict the result of a game before the match begins.

There is a discussion board and facebook group wherecricket enthusiasts could share their views.

When asked about the financial aspect of the project,Vorajee said that they have invested their own money for nowas this was about doing something for their passion cricket.

"Presently we have Google ads on the site. Later whenthe website is complete which could be anytime before the endof World Cup, we would market our website based on number ofhits and bring web ads to the site," Vorajee said.

He further said that till date they have only putrecords of the world cups, but once it is complete they planto take it to new level and add more features to it.

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