Parliament looks all set for a smooth budget session

Written by: Pti
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During the meeting, the opposition leaders made it clear that Parliament would not function if there was noannouncement by the government on the JPC on Tuesday.

After the two month long deadlock, indications hademerged from the government a fortnight ago that it was readyto blink with Mukherjee telling opposition leaders that noprice was dearer than Parliament''s functioning.

Scenting success, the BJP sought to widen the ambit ofthe JPC by seeking probe into other scams like CWG and AdarshHousing. But today the party''s Deputy Leader in Lok SabhaGopinath Munde said after the meeting that the JPC would be on2G and his party would seek discussion on other scams.

The Prime Minister, who joined the leaders over lunch atthe Parliament complex, hoped that the budget session will bea "peaceful and productive session".

"We are looking forward to a fruitful and productivesession. The government on its part is ready to discuss anyissue which may be brought by the opposition. So I am hopefulthat this will be a peaceful and productive session", he said.

"I am always satisfied, I am always optimistic," Singhsaid when asked whether he was satisfied over the outcome oftoday''s meeting.

The Prime Minister said that a lot of legislative workshave to be accomplished, the budget of the central governmenthas to be passed and this, therefore, is the most importantsession of Parliament.

Munde also said that his party was seeking to impressupon the government that the JPC should have more than 30members so that smaller parties could also get representationin it.

Asked whether the government an announcement about JPCon Tuesday, the Speaker said she was "fully hopeful andconfident" that the session would be a smooth affair. (More)PTI NAB MS SPG

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