Khap panchayat issues diktat against same clan marriages, DJs

Posted By: Pti
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Muzaffarnagar, Feb 20 (PTI) Firm on their opposition tomarriages within the same clan, a khap panchayat has issued adiktat asking parents not to marry their children withprospective brides and grooms from another village whoseresidents belong to the same ''gotra'' as them.

Members of ''Gathwala'' khap or caste council from Haryana,Rajasthan, western Uttar Pradesh and Delhi convened apanchayat here which has warned that no one from the khapshould marry their children to boys and girls from Goelavillage in the district as they belong to the same ''gotra''.

The khap also prohibited playing of loud music by discjockeys during weddings and other functions. Anybody who woulddefy this diktat would be slapped with a fine of Rs 11,000.

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