Thirsty deer falls into well dies

Written by: Pti
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Hazaribagh, Feb 18 (PTI) A thirsty deer in search ofdrinking water came out from the dense forest of Manatu andfell into a well at Chatti Bariatu village and died, officialsources said today

According to sources two barking deer yesterday came outof the Manatu forest and went towards a nearby tank to drinkwater to quench their thirst but could not get any water asthe tank had dried up.

They then went to Chatt Bariatu village in search ofwater. Seeing the two deers the villagers started shouting''hiran (deer). Hearing the shouts the deers panicked andstarted running. One of them fell into an unlevelled wellwhile the other ran towards Pagar village.

The villagers of Chatt Bariatu village brought out thedeer out of the well but by the time the deer was dead, theysaid.

The other deer was provided water by the people of Pagarvillage and then handed over to the Forest department, theyadded.

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