Lama for enhanced research on human mind, emotions

Written by: Pti
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Mumbai, Feb 18 (PTI) Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lamatoday appealed neurosurgeons and scientists to conductadvanced research on human mind and emotions as one can notignore these two factors while dealing with the brain.

"A holistic approach is required when you are dealingwith brain as you can not ignore human mind and emotions. Sothe science behind these have to be researched usingadvancement in science and technology," Lama said addressingneurosurgeons and scientists from around the globe at Tajhotel here.

He was speaking after inaugurating the three-dayconvention of Acadamecia Eurasiana Neurochirurgica--''Holisticapproach to the realm of Neurosurgery''.

"Thinking at emotional level leads to many imbalancesin body metabolism resulting in diseases and in order toprevent it was important for the scientists to expand theknowledge of external as well as internal world," he said.

To have healthy mind, it is important to have healthybody and "all of us have potential to kick the peaceful mindthrough holistic approach," he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Principal Scientific Advisorto Government of India, Dr R Chidambaram said the NationalBrain Institute was planning a ''Brain Grid'' where networkingof all institutions working on brain would be available.

"Since India has supercomputers, this should not be aproblem for having even neuro- informatics connectivity. Nowwith the National Knowledge Network coming up with a very highspeed connection linking all the educational and researchinstitutions, the researchers can interact faster,"Chidambaram said. .

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