Vibes of Shillong woods in Europe

Written by: Pti
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The duo, whose collaborative is called Design Machine Collective, has presented their work at the National HistoryMuseum New Delhi and at the fa�ade of Deutsche GuggenheimMuseum in Berlin where the sound system was installed forthree and half months.

�Our next destination will be to present our work atSolomon Guggenheim Museum, New York and we are planning toinstall our project on the 5th Avenue, one of the busy streetsin the city,� Jain said.

�We want to bring about the ambience of nature to peopleespecially the youth who have not heard such sound of naturein their life,� Sonal said.

The Mawphlang sacred forests, about 25 km fromShillong, is protected by the local community and is reckonedto be one of the most virgin forests existing in the midst ofhuman habitat, with outsiders not allowed to bring in or takeaway anything.

�But sound does not have material property. We can sharethe sound element of the forest with others. The installations(comprising different gadgets like amplifiers and speakerswhich are kept concealed from human eye) we have put at placescreate a false memory in the mind of the people and is aneffective tool to bring urban people closer to nature,� Jainsaid.

She said this didactic representation of forest has beenreceived by people across the world, who have understood theidea and appreciated it.

�The work explores the relationship of architecture,spatial perception and the concept of non-narrative musicalform. These elements are essential to this sound installation.

This work attempts to use sound as an alternate way to mapphysical spaces via creating a subjective �ideoscape� in eachobserver /listener�s mind, she added.

This internal soundscape catalyzed through a publicsite, with subliminal notions of memory, ecology and geographyexperienced through the auditory mode rather than through thevisual, simultaneously compelled a realigning of sensibilityto the external space, Mriganka Madhukaillya, who teaches atIIT Guwahati, said.

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