Govt trying to arrive at consensus on Telangana: PM

Written by: Pti
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In his opening remarks, the Prime Minister referred to the media expose of various scams including the CommonwealthGames, ISRO deal, Adarsh housing affairs but asked the medianot to give an image that India was a scam-driven country andnothing good was happening.

He said that such an image would weaken theself-confidence of the people and it would not be in theinterest of the country.

"I wish to assure the country as a whole that ourgovernment is dead serious about bringing to book allwrongdoers regardless of the position they occupy," he said.

Asked about his biggest regret in UPA-II, Singh referredto "these irregularities" and said "They should not havehappened. I am not very happy about these developments".

To a specific question whether he would be ready to beprojected as Prime Ministerial candidate in the nextelections, Singh said "it is too early. We still have a longway to go. I have to complete this term. It is too prematureto speculate who would be the Prime Ministerial candidate."

He was asked whether he was feeling bad as certainembarrassing things were happening which were not in tune withhis nature.

"I have looked upon life as a learning and re-learningprocess. It has been a great educational experience from civilservice to academic world to political world. This process oflearning, I relish that", he replied.

When told that he was an honest Prime Ministersurrounded by dishonest administration and a sense of driftwas prevailing, he said after the budget session, there willbe a restructuring and reshuffling of his cabinet.

"I will get back to the exercise once the budget sessionis over", he said.

To a question on Home Minister P Chidambaram''s commentson governance deficit, he admitted, "obviously, some eventshave brought out the weaknesses in governance and processes, Ithink we need to improve the quality of governance. But thatdoes not divide me and other members of the government."

He rejected a questioner''s suggestion that hisgovernment was facing double-incumbency of attacks from theopposition and within the party.

"I do not get that impression (party not backing him).

In a democracy, there are views and discussions and whendecisions are taken, our party stands united in support of thegovernment.

"I would like a cohesive party to support the governmentbut I am not saying it is not happening," he said.

He virtually disagreed with the CAG calculations on theloss figure of Rs 1.76 lakh crore in the 2G scam saying theCAG itself had called it presumptive. .

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