Thai couples attempt to break world record for longest kiss

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PATTAYA, THAILAND: Most couples kiss on Valentine's Day, but several couples in Thailand are determined to outdo them all: they are attempting to break the world record for the longest kiss.

The record attempt is being held in the Thai resort of Pattaya where 14 couples are trying to kiss more than 33 hours. They began on Sunday and: if they are successful: will end on Monday, Valentine's Day.

Only 30 minutes into the competition, however, one couple was disqualified after the woman fainted. Several other couples gave up after a few hours while others continued.

The current world record for the longest kiss was set by Matty Daley and Bobby Canciello in the United States last year, the first homosexual couple to break the record. They kissed for exactly 33 hours.

Before that, on Valentine's Day 2009, Nikola Matovic and Kristina Reinhart set the world record with a kiss lasting no less than 32 hours, 7 minutes and 14 seconds. The record was set in Germany.

Couples who want to set their own kissing record have to keep in mind that there are several rules. For example, the rules state that the kiss must be continuous and the lips must be touching at all times. Further, the couple must stand the entire time, cannot take breaks and cannot be propped together by any aids such as pillows or people.

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