Assange takes credit for Middle East revolt

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Julian Assange
Sydney, Feb 14: As if the crown of thorns adorning WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange  was not enough, he is all set to take credit for the Middle East uprising that shook the entire world.

After blowing the lid on US' double standard foreign policy and crooked diplomatic relations with fellow nations, Assange now claims that his site was "significantly influential" in the revolution set forth both in Tunisia and Egypt. He was quoted as saying that the downfall of Tunisian leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was the single most important event that led to the Middle East revolt, which now threatens to spread to other parts of the world.

Assange has also added that the whistle blower site exposed the US' support for Ben Ali, which led to the public revolt against the ruling government and gave them the much needed confidence to voice their protest and influenced neighbouring nations to join the campaign.

"It does seem to be the case that material we published through a Lebanese newspaper, Al Akhbar, was significantly influential to what happened in Tunisia," Assange said. He also added, "And then there's no doubt that Tunisia was the example for Egypt and Yemen and Jordan, and all the protests that have happened there."

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