International Vacuum Electronics Conference at Bangalore

Written by: Pti
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Bangalore,Feb14(PTI) The International Vacuum ElectronicsConference (IVEC2011), showcasing the latest technology in thefield, would be held here from February 21 to 24.

About 100 delegates from 15 countries, including US,Canada, Russia, Japan, Singapore, France, Germany, UK, Italy,Brazil would participate in the conference, Dr Lalit Kumar,Director, Microwave Tube Research Development Centre, DRDO,told reporters.

The conference would deliberate on the current andforthcoming trends on the subject. Technology leaders frommajor R and D institutions, production agencies, professorswould partcipate in the conference.

An exhibition showcasing the latest microwave tubes, stateof-the-art products and designs of microwave devices forradar, defence, space, high energy and industrial and medicalapplication will be presented by experts of 15 countries.

India is among 10 countries that has the technology andecosystem to grow the industry further. The only biggestchallenge is human resources, he said.

Vaccum Electronic Devices were invented in 1907. The oldergenerations of these devices were used in Radio and TV setsand broadcast stations. Those devices were replaced bysemiconductor devices.

However, new generation devices called Magnetrons,Klystrong, Travelling Wave tubes, Gyrotron, produce Microwavesat a higher power from hundreds of watts to a few megawatts.

Simple magnetron of one kilowatt average power is used inhousehold microwave oven, but high power devices are used inradars, electronic warfare electronic communication, TVbroadcast, space communication and in atom smashers.

The commercial applications of the devices, includeindustrial microwave oven for drying and disinfecting food,and hospital waste. They are used for cancer treatment, x-raytubes, picture tubes, vaccum interrupters and switchingdevices.

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