Emergence of right-wing terror a cause of worry: Pillai

Written by: Pti
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The Home Secretary brushed aside the perception that the role of Hindu groups in Samjhauta train blast had put NewDelhi on the backfoot and said, "There would not be pressureon us because we are open about it. The investigation areopen, courts are free....

"In June, we told (Pakistan) that investigations areon.... When something crystallises, we will share it with them.... Now we have said as soon as the charge sheet is filed wewill share the full details with them because a very largenumber of Pakistani citizens were killed."

Asked whether Muslim youths arrested in previous casesof blasts, which have been now found to be handiwork of rightwing group, would be released, he said, "I think that processis on... as CBI moves for that process of review and releaseof those detained... that process has already been initiated."

To a question whether right wing groups were findingsympathy within the armed forces and police, the HomeSecretary said, "Nothing has come.. there have been somesympathisers but nothing much" other than Shrikant Purohit,who was a Lieutenant Colonel, and another person.

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