Protesters scuffle with military in Tahrir Square

Written by: Pti
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Though the caretaker leadership has promised that it will lift the emergency and oversee a peaceful transition todemocracy, it has not laid out any timetable for these steps.

"We do not want to leave because so much still needsto be done. They haven''t implemented anything yet," said aprotester at the Tahrir Square.

The Egyptian cabinet, appointed when Mubarak was stillin office, was meeting today for the first time after Mubarakbowed down to the public demand.

Its spokesman said that the cabinet will not undergo amajor reshuffle but it will stay to oversee a politicaltransformation in the coming months.

The Supreme Military Council had in a communiqueyesterday vowed to hand over power to an elected, civiliangovernment in a peaceful transition.

According to the state television, prosecutors alsoopened an investigation into three former ministers of theMubarak regime after the new government had imposed a travelban on officials to make sure they do not flee.

Travel ban was imposed on the much-despised formerinformation minister Anas el-Fekky, who resigned yesterday inthe midst of accusation of waging a media campaign against theprotesters.

Travel ban was also imposed on former prime ministerAhmed Nazif and former interior minister Habib al-Adli, whowere both sacked by Mubarak before he stepped down.

Egypt was overcome by joy after Mubarak stepped down,bringing an end to his three-decade of iron fisted rule.

The initial euphoria has now made way for concerns about thecountry''s future and the process of democratisation.

However, despite the uncertainty, celebrations haverefused to die down in the capital and other cities. PTI

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