Egypt's Mubarak kicked out; Symbian waits the same

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Helsinki, Feb 12: After the announcement of historic partnership between Nokia and Microsoft, the web world has been busy with the discussions on the possible death (or suicide) of Symbian operating system, world's largely used mobile OS.

According to the new deal, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 will be Nokia's "principal smartphone strategy." The focus will be on WP7 powered mobiles, which the Finnish maker aims to compete with Google Android devices and Apple iOS phones.

It means, Nokia is going for a 'mercy killing' to the Symbian OS, that helped the largest phone maker in the world to get more than 28.2 percent of the total markt share in 2010. Nokia plans to keep Symbian alive till they provide enough WP7 smartphones to the stores.

According to market research firm Gartner, during the Q4 of 2010, Symbian devices dominated the mobile market with more than 36.6 percent share followed by Android with 25.5 percent and iOS with 16.7 percent. But, where is WP7? It was not there in the list!

The new alliance also doubts the future of Nokia Ovi Store, that provides apps for Symbian OS. Some market analysts predict that the Microsoft Marketplace will swallow Nokia Ovi store, that means the future of Symbian users, who still want to use their devices, is not bright.

Symbian users around the globe shared their worries through technology blogs and social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter etc. Most of them want to retain their Symbian OS and advise Nokia to launch better smartphones running on Symbian OS than the WP7.

In Egypt, ex-President Hosni Mubarak was thrown out of power after a mass populist revolt. But in the case of Symbian, it's going away from its masses after a "Burning Platform". Can we expect a silent revolution for Symbian. Let's know your feedback through comments.

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