Farcical start to 34th National Games

Posted By: Pti
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Tapan Mohanta

Ranchi, February 12 (PTI) It was the worst possible startfor a long-delayed event as organisational chaos marred theopening day of the 34th National Games here today.

Right from media accreditation to the information flow,everything was at its worse as the 1000-odd journalists foundit extremely difficult to function at the 33-discipline event.

Such was the chaos that even drivers of the bureaucratswere distributed the official media accreditation cards, whilemany local and outstation journalists struggled to get theirsdone.

Some were given more than one accreditation cards withnames of different organisations as the Suchana Bhawan nearthe Governor''s house resembled a ration distribution centre.

Assistant director Subhas Kujur, who was incharge of themedia accreditation, appeared a harried man surrounded by thejournalists and officials.

"We are really under a lot of pressure. We areforwarding all the applications that are given to us. Thetechnical people are working overnight to prepare the cards,"Kujur told PTI.

The scene was no different at joint secretary RajeevBakshi''s office as he kept issuing passes and vehicle permitsthroughout the day.

"Sab chalta hai Jharkhand mein (Everything is possible inJharkhand)," he went on to remark, summing up the state ofaffairs at the 34th National Games.

The worse was in store at the media centre inside theMega Sports Complex as journalists struggled to get anyinformation.

For more than an hour the Games official website was"suspended" due to technical reasons. There was no informationsupply to the media who were clueless about the openingceremony as a senior member of the organising committee kepton saying: "We are arranging... This the code word here."

The organisers did a good job in building a spaciousmedia centre, but with limited chairs available manyjournalists had no choice but to sit on floor and file theirreports.

They were equally clueless about the competition andparticipation details as the Games that finally got underwayafter six postponements and a delay of four years, had theworse possible start.

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