"Powerplay is a call which you have to take depending on the

Written by: Pti
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situation. It can work to your advantage at times and create adisadvantage on other situations. It''s going to be crucial atwhat time you take the Powerplay. Normally, you take apowerplay when two batsmen are set or if you don''t have achoice you take it in the 45th over," he said.

With the tournament being hosted in the sub-continent,slow bowlers are expected to play a big role in the tournamentbut Yuvraj said even though he frequently rolls his arm overfor India now-a-days he is not a specialist bowler.

"I don''t think I am a specialist bowler. I just enjoy mybowling whenever I am handed over the ball. The day I startthinking I am a specialist bowler, I am going to get hit more.

"I don''t back myself as a bowler. From the last 50 oddODIs, I have been bowling more because we don�t have aspecialist left-arm spinner in the team. So my job is to chipin with 7 to 8 overs," he said.

He was also of the view that with the advent of Twenty20cricket, no score is safe these days.

"The game has really changed for the last 10 years. Earlyon 240, 250 were winning score buteven 320-330 is not safe.

The thinking has also changed with the advent ofTwenty20," Yuvraj viewed.

Yuvraj reiterated that he almost thought of quitting lastyear when he was dropped from both the Test and ODI teams butnever ever said he wanted to leave cricket.

"I never said I want to leave the game. I said I used toget thoughts should I retire because I used to get injured allthe time. It was very tough for me to get back on the fieldand get injured again. It was a tough phase which I haveovercome. Definitely my body is feeling better now," he said.

"As a young kid, when you start playing for India youstart enjoying. There is also lot of responsibility on you.

Getting injured all the time wasn''t happy on the mind andbody. So, I think it was the toughest year of my 10 years oncareer because there were times when I was doing nothing andgetting injured," he added.

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