Orissa to implement Rs 305 cr. Ong irrigation prject soon

Written by: Pti
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The total catchment area of the river at the dam site is 2321 sq.km, out of which 1282sq.km lies in Orissa andbalance 1039 sq.km. lies in Chhatisgarah state.

In-principle Environment Clearance recommended by theExpert Committee on EAC held in November 2007 at New Delhi, issubject to some modification of report, an official said.

While 11 revenue villages were likely to be fullysubmerged, 21 other villages could be partially affected, theysaid adding that a total of 230.13 hectres would be submergeddue to the project.

About 217.17 hectares were estimated to be submergedin the reservoir, another 12,55 hectares would be submerged inthe command area, they said.

The project is included in the Mahanadi BasinDevelopment Plan and will be funded by World Bank.

The World Bank Mission had already visited Orissa andreviewed the development plan of Mahanadi basin and wassatisfied with the progress made in connection with Ong damproject, they claimed.

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