"Brazilian Fritzl" killed during prison riot in north-eastern Brazil

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SAO LUIZ, BRAZIL: A prisoner who fathered seven children with his daughter was among the six inmates killed during a prison riot in north-eastern Brazil, local media reported on Wednesday.

José Agostinho Pereira, 55, dubbed as the "Brazilian Joseph Fritzl," was convicted to 63 years in prison in 2010. He was found guilty of abusing his daughter with whom he had seven children in a remote hut.

On late Monday, a rebellion erupted in a prison facility in a police station approximately 330 kilometers from the capital city of Maranhao, Sao Luiz. Six inmates were killed during the fighting that followed a failed escape.

Authorities informed on Tuesday that the six prisoners were convicted pedophiles and rapists; four of them were decapitated. The six victims were taken hostage by other prisoners after the unsuccessful prison break.

Inmates attempted to negotiate with authorities and demanded the right to receive homemade food brought by relatives as well as one pound of marijuana to release them.

Pereira was one of the four inmates decapitated. The other prisoners hanged their heads in the cell's bars after negotiations failed. Police forces disrupted the rebellion and restored order.

The "Brazilian Fritzl" kept one of his daughters and their children in subhuman conditions in two-room hut in an isolated, jungle area in northeastern Brazil. The victim, now 28 years old, said that the hut was only accessible via a canoe.

Police also proved that Pereira abused his 8-year-old daughter-granddaughter that conceived with the victim. When police arrested Pereira, they found his children naked, malnourished and barely able to communicate with each other.

Pereira's case resembles the one of Austrian Joseph Fritzl. In 2009, Fritzl, 74, was sentenced to life for fathering seven children with his daughter Elisabeth. He kept her locked in a dungeon for 24 years and raped her in repeated occasions.


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