Bill for creating welfare board for non-residentTamils adopted

Posted By: Pti
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Chennai,Feb10 (PTI) The Tamil Nadu Assembly today adopteda Bill for the creation of a welfare board for non-residentTamils of the state.

The ''Tamil Nadu Non-Resident Tamils'' Welfare Bill, whenenacted, would address a series of issues including safety andhealth of non-resident Tamils who are "unable to tackle theseproblems on their own and resettle."

"Repatriation of dead bodies of non-Resident Tamils, whichrequire financial assistance and subsequent settlement ofclaims is one of the major problems faced by non-ResidentTamils," the bill said.

Lack of a single agency under the state government whichthese Tamils can contact for their redressal of grievances andguarantee them support had been causing ''hindrance'' to theirwelfare, it said.

"Hence the government has proposed to make a scheme,constitute a welfare fund and establish a board forimplementing and administering the scheme," it said.

The Bill when enacted would involve expenditure from theconsolidated fund of the state.

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