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Highlights at 2000 hrs today:

Peshawar/Islamabad: In one of the deadliest strikes onthe Pakistan army, a schoolboy suicide bomber sneaks into aheavily-guarded Pakistani army training centre in thecountry''s northwest and blew himself up in the midst of aparade, killing 31 soldiers and leaving 40 more wounded.


Islamabad: India and Pakistan agree to resume dialogueon "all issues" and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi willvisit New Delhi by July to review progress in the parleys.


Cairo: Emboldened by workers'' strike across Egypt,thousands of pro-democracy protesters carry out massiverallies against President Hosni Mubarak as they vow to step uptheir 17-day revolt despite the government''s warning thatarmy could "intervene to control the country." (FGN31)

Islamabad: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilaniappreciates the progress made by Pakistan and India duringtalks between their Foreign Secretaries on the marginsof a SAARC meet in Thimphu. (FGN24)

Islamabad: Former Pakistani military ruler PervezMusharraf knew in advance that then Tehrik-e-Talibanchief Baitullah Mehsud was plotting the assassination ofex-premier Benazir Bhutto but withheld the information fromsecurity agencies. (FGN22)

Washington: Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) isincreasing its operational role, a top US official warnssaying Washington is now "focused" on the militant outfitbehind the 2008 Mumbai attacks. (FGN21)

Islamabad: Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable Hatf-7cruise missile with a range of 600 km that can hit targets inIndia. (FGN7)

Melbourne: Australian government comes under criticismfor its "double game" in the wake of reports that secret UScables passed to WikiLeaks have revealed that Canberra couldsell uranium to India within years despite the ruling Labor''spolicy of not supplying it to non-NPT States. (FGN18)

Toronto: Canada''s French-speaking Quebec province''slegislature has unanimously voted to ban the ''kirpan'' fromassembly premises, weeks after four Sikhs were denied entryfor a parliamentary hearing for refusing to surrender theirceremonial daggers. (FGN16)

Islamabad: The two men gunned down by US nationalRaymond Davis in Lahore last month were working for ISI whichwas tailing the American because he was spying and"encroaching on their turf". (FGN13) PTI

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