Will the Aussie Rocks T-shirt boost Australian tourism?

Written by: Ani
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Melbourne, Feb 9 (ANI): Hoping to rival the classic 'I heart NY' logo, two Australian designers have created a T-shirt they hope will boost the country's tourism.

Chaya Segelman and Sara Feldman from New South Wales, who designed the Aussie Rocks label - an ochre-coloured hand displaying the peace sign, believe their brand will provide Australians with a much-needed fashionable symbol to show off overseas, reports the News.com.au.

"We thought it was about bloody time us Aussies had something iconic and fashionable to wear when we travel the world, as so many young Australians do, to express our pride in who we are and where we come from," said Segelman.

"However, what we (Australia) didn't have was that one iconic brand that can express that emotion. Aussie Rocks arrived to fill that void. Finally we have a way to wear what we are all really thinking: Aussie Rocks," she said.

"It's a powerful, emotional statement that means something to each individual," she added.

Success in tourism T-shirts doesn't come overnight. The 'I heart NY' T-shirts was created in the mid '70s by Milton Glaser and has taken 40 years for the brand to be recognised worldwide.

"We are quite confident in the potential of this brand," said Segelman.

"We believe the next couple of years should see a full roll-out of the brand on a much larger scale. Our hope is that Aussie Rocks will have an impact on the profile of Australia in the eyes of the world, and at home," she said.

The designers said their brand has been well received and is already being flaunted across the globe.ourism Australia has, however, refused to comment on the t-shirts. (ANI)

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