PM presiding over "an empire of corruption": BJP

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New Delhi, Feb 8(PTI) In the wake of controversy overS-band spectrum allocation, BJP today accused Prime MinisterManmohan Singh of presiding over "an empire of corruption" andsought his clarification on nine questions regarding the awardof the precious resource.

BJP alleged that the allocation of 70 MHz of S-Bandspectrum to Devas Multimedia by ISRO''s ANTRIX was another"mega scam" after corruption in Commonwealth Games, 2-GSpectrum, CVC appointment and Adarsh Housing Society.

"It is self evident that Manmohan Singh presides over anempire of corruption and scams causing heavy loss to publicmoney, its image being one of the most corrupt administrationsince independence and yet it is claimed that he is Mr Clean,"BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

The main opposition also made light of the PMO''sstatement earlier in the day, stating that since no decisionhad yet been taken on allocation of the 70 MHz spectrum,reports of a loss to the exchequer had no basis.

"It does not deny that there was an agreement. Questionhere is not whether there was a loss," Prasad said.

He demanded a clarification from the government, sayinghe was directly responsible as the Department of Space comesunder him.

"There is no (A) Raja or (Suresh) Kalmadi here. Did youapprove the deal or not. Country is deeply agitated over thisissue," he said.

Prasad alleged that the Prime Minister''s office had comeout with "this kind of a terse reply" and asked him how manymore scams and for how long would the country have to witness.

BJP also attacked Congress President Sonia Gandhi,asking her to break her silence on this scam.

"Sonia Gandhi is chairperson of National AdvisoryCouncil and chairperson of UPA. How long will she keep quiet.

Say something. Do you hold any accountability or not? You havenot spoken on CWG, Adarsh or 2-G. Will you ever speak?" Prasadsaid.

Among the questions BJP posed to the Prime Minister are:ISRO comes directly under the Prime Minister. Was an approval(for allocation of spectrum) sought and was it given and if soon what terms and conditions? and whether the 2005 agreementbetween ISRO and Devas approved by the government as itinvolved parting of government property. .

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