Nothing like victory or defeat in a democracy: Cong

Written by: Pti
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New Delhi, Feb 8 (PTI) With emerging signals that thegovernment may agree to a JPC probe into the 2G spectrum scamafter opposing it for months, Congress today said there isnothing like victory or defeat in a democracy.

"We are sticking to our old stand. First come toParliament and discuss. A way will automatically emerge ..Thesolution of any problem never comes out by being adamant.

Nobody should be adamant but find a solution forward throughtalks....there should not be anything like a defeat andvictory in a parliamentary democracy," party spokespersonShakeel Ahmed told reporters here.

He was responding to queries on the issue of JPCincluding whether agreeing to JPC after vehemently opposing itfor months will not be considered a defeat for Congress-ledUPA.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, another seniorparty leader said that with the Opposition rigid on its demandfor a JPC and threatening to paralayse Parliament even in theBudget session, the only two options available before theruling alliance were either to go to snap polls or accept thedemand.

He said the party has no problem with JPC and willfight back the opposition charges. He said this will also helpfocus on organizational matters in the party, which wasgetting delayed due to occupation with the JPC versus no JPCissue.

Speaking separately, Ahmed said,"We dont wantParliament should be disrupted in the budget session. Everyresponsbile person wants that Parliament should run....theOpposition should come to Parliament, discuss and debate andthen Parliament will decide a way forward."

To a question whether the party wanted a disussion on2G spectrum issue in the House, Ahmed said these matters areto be decided by Parliamentary Affairs Minister.

Party sources said the government is of the firm viewthat it will not announce anything "outside Parliament"and it has no problem with anything so far as Parliamentfunctions properly.

A senior party leader, who declined to be identified,said there is no question of conceding to the demand for a JPCbefore a discussion on the matter.

Asked what the party would do if the Oppostion uppedthe ante further on the issue seeking resignation of PrimeMinister Manmohan Singh, the leader said there was no questionof conceding to any such demand and facing fresh electionswould be a better option in such an eventuality.

However, at the same time, he said the Opposition wasunlikely to pitch for such a demand as the "Prime Minister hasa clean image" and "people will not believe any such smearcampaign."

The party''s reaction has come after Finance MinisterPranab Mukherjee chaired an all-party meeting to break thelogjam between the government and the opposition over theissue. Coming out of the hour-long meeting, opposition leadersclaimed there was "consensus" on the JPC issue and both thesides were keen that Parliament should function.

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