Era of global hegemons is ending: Supreme Leader of the

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Islamic Revolution

Tehran, Feb 9 (MNA) Supreme Leader of the IslamicRevolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said that thehegemonistic powers are in decline and their era is coming toan end.

"Today, nations in the Middle East and the Islamic worldhave woken up. The hegemony of the powerful is coming to anend, and their gradual decline has begun," the Leader saidhere yesterday during a meeting with a number of Air Forcecommanders and officers.

Commenting on the popular uprisings in the Middle Eastand North Africa, Ayatollah Khamenei said such great movementsdo not take shape overnight but are the result of theaccumulation of unmet demands over the course of years.

The Iranian nation''s resistance against the hegemonisticpowers played a major role in the occurrence of theseuprisings, he stated.

The Iranian nation has always been a pioneer in thecampaign against hegemons and bullying powers and has stood upto them, he added.

On the enemy''s soft war against Iran, the Leader saidthat creating division and discord between the Iranian peopleand the country''s officials is one of the tactics of theenemy''s soft war.

"(Creating) discord and division between people,officials, and different segments of the Islamic system is oneof the enemy''s main objectives for undermining nationalcohesion," he noted.

Therefore, all Iranian citizens should try to counterthis threat through strengthening their insight, he stated.

The Iranian nation should try to avoid internal disputesin order to maintain its important position on theinternational stage, he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei describedthe achievements of the Air Force, such as designing,manufacturing, and upgrading military equipment, includingflight simulators, radar systems, missiles, and fighter jets,as significant and praiseworthy. (MNA)

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