Court restrains Facebook founder's Indian stalker

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Mark Zuckerberg
New York, Feb 9: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is haunted by a fellow of Indian origin. Panicked Zuckerberg obtained a restraining order against 31-year-old Pradeep Manukonda, claiming that he has been harassing and threatening him through the social networking site.

According to the case papers, Zuckerberg fears for his safety and that of his girlfriend Priscilla along with his sister.

California resident Manukonda flooded Zuckerberg with online message and emails. That is not all, he had even sent flowers and a handwritten note which read, "Thank you for your valuable time and attention towards my problem. I am indeed very grateful to you. If I get a chance to work with you in the near future it would be my honour. I know I am working with a man of values. Thank you for being a source of inspiration to all of us."

Considering Zuckerberg's plea a judge ordered Manukonda to stay at least 300 yards away from Zuckerberg, his sister Randi and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

However, Manukonda apologised on Tuesday and said, “I"m a peaceful guy. I"m sorry he thought I was trying to harm him. I understand he"s a busy man ... I"ll respect his privacy," a report on TMZ quoted him as saying.

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