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Written by: Abdul Nisar
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San Francisco, Feb 8: World's most favourite social networking website, Facebook has rolled out the 'Live Commenting' feature to its all users around the globe. This real time commenting feature will allow users to see new comments from their friends without having to reload the page.

Facebook's 500 million + users can avail this live commenting feature that helps for online conversation like any other chat services. This new feature will give more excitement to freeky Facebook users who is a 24X7 Facebookian.

Facebook engineers had devised a new 'push-based design' to get the this feature to work on such a massive scale as the Facebook users send more than 650,000 comments in a minute.

"Live commenting, which we rolled out to all of our users a couple weeks ago, creates opportunities for spontaneous online conversations to take place in real time, leading to serendipitous connections that may not have ever happened otherwise," Facebook said in its blog.

"This wasn't a small challenge: every minute, we serve over 100 million pieces of content that may receive comments," Deeter writes. "In that same minute, users submit around 650,000 comments that need to get routed to the correct viewers. To make this feature work, we needed to invent new systems to handle load patterns that we had never dealt with before," Facebook added.

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