Germany probing playing cards of Hitler, other dicators

Written by: Ani
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Berlin, Feb.8 (ANI): German prosecutors have begun proceedings against playing cards for children that feature Adolf Hitler and other dictators from history on them.

The creators said they wanted to 'make an ironic statement' about the tyrants - but not everyone appreciates the joke.

According to the Telegraph, four of 32 despots in the card game include Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tsung and Romania's Nicolae Ceaucescu complete with information on their backgrounds.

The game, called 'The Fuehrer Quartett' is based on a popular German children's card game called Quartett, but with a difference.

In the traditional game, the cards feature cars or flowers or even beer brands, which players try to collect from their opponents. In this new version, the cards present pictures and information on notorious historical despots.

Also featured is Mussolini, Italy's wartime fascist leader; alazar, erstwhile military strongman of Portugal; Idi Amin of Uganda; Franco of Spain and Papa Doc of Haiti.

A spokesman for prosecutors in Nuremberg said the makers never received permission to sell the cards to children.

Joerg Wagner and Juergen Kittel, two Hamburg film producers who dreamed up the idea, defended the cards saying: "They glorify no one but rather serve to make them look ridiculous." (ANI)

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