A shame on friendship: Youths rape a school girl

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New Delhi, Feb 8: Friendship is believed as one of the most trustworthy relations which enlighten a person lifelong. But some incidents raised questions and doubts on its purity. An instance in the national capital really made us to think about the purity and sincerity of friendship.

Facebook's tribute to Friendship

A 16-year-old class XI student has been gang raped and one of the accused is her "friend" who is her neighbour too.

Mohit Pal, the neighbour of the girl, and his two friends Sharad Kumar and Amit, all in their early 20s, were arrested on Monday, Feb 7 on the basis of the victim's father's complain.

Police official stated, "Mohit leads a lavish life and used to ride sporty motorcycles. They (Mohit and the victim) were friends and used to meet."

On Feb 2, after her school hours, Mohit allegedly took her to a restaurant for lunch. After that he took her to his friend Sharad's rented accommodation in Mohammadpur, saying he wants to talk to her.

Students celebrating Friendship Day

The sources reported that after reaching there, he (Mohit) called his friends. They took turns to rape the girl. They threatened her with dire consequences if she told anyone about the matter.

Initially, she did not tell anyone about the incident. But on Feb 3, she told her parents about the incident. The parents then approached police who took her to a hospital where a medical examination confirmed rape.

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