Motorola Xoom Vs Apple iPad 2: Ad war continues

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Motorola Xoom ad video screen shot
New York, Feb 7: As the iPad Killer Motorola Xoom tablet set to hit the market on Feb 24, Motorola has started teasing Apple iPad users through its new advertisement video. The new Super Bowl spot for the Xoom tablet irkes the Apple's iconic '1984' advertisement.

Motorola teases the Apple's '1984' Macintosh ad which is regarded as the one of the best ads ever produced. Motorola adopted the idea of Apple's 'Lemmings' of 1985 that portrayed non-Mac users as blind followers who needed to remove their blindfolds to avoid catastrophic consequences.

The new Xoom ad video presents iPad users as people who doesn't want to think different. iPad users were depicted wearing the same white earbuds and colourless uniforms. The guy with Motorola Xoom flirts with a girl having iPad and she responds to it removing the earbuds of iPads.

Motorola also succeeded to show the e-book reader app, Google Maps with 3D building views, Adobe Flash support and camera app, which are all absent on Apple iPad. The ad finished with "Motorola Zoom with Google, the world's first Android 3.0 tablet."

The new video shows the advenced features of Motorola Xoom over iPad. Motorola Xoom runs on tablet only OS Android Honeycomb and offers dual camera. But, the new abuzz in gadget market is the rumors of Apple iPad 2. market analysts reported that Apple will soon launch the iPad 2 to retain its domination in tablet market. Stay tuned for more updates.

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