Brit MPs propose to take away items from perpetrators as Asbos are scrapped

Written by: Ani
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London, Feb 7 (ANI): Ministers in Britain have come up with a new idea to control perpetrators, who refuse to behave, by seizing their stereos, iPods and other "bling" items.

The plan was put forward as Asbos, the anti-social behaviour orders, which have become a badge of honour among hooligans, are being scrapped.

Now there will be new "criminal behaviour orders" that will ban offenders from town centres or street corners for up to two years.

Under the new plan, troublemakers will face the same asset seizure powers as major criminals. They would be likely to lose personal items such as stereo systems and electronic gadgets.

Opponents say that taking cash or property from criminals makes them more likely to carry out muggings or burglaries.

But the Home Office believes that confiscating items, which are hugely important to youngsters, such as their music systems, will "hit them where it hurts".

"We want punishments that are meaningful and useful," the Daily Mail quoted a Government source as saying.

Labour's anti-social behaviour powers will be scrapped and replaced with a new sliding scale of penalties for low-level crimes.

Police will be given new discretionary powers to punish troublemakers on the street instead of dragging them into the bureaucracy of the legal system.

If they disobey, the criminal asset recovery powers could be deployed. The ultimate threat is imprisonment. (ANI)

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