Many listed companies lack professional approach:Bhansali

Written by: Pti
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Hyderabad, Feb 5 (PTI) Out of 6,000 odd listed companiesin India, not even 2,000 listen to what markets say, Chairmanof Enam Securities Vallabh Bhanshali said here today.

Addressing a seminar at Indian School of Business, hesaid most of the companies lack professional approach.

"Of the total 5,000 or 6,000 listed companies in thecountry, not even 2,000 are listening to the market analysis.

They basically come to markets to raise money. They fail tointegrate with market intelligence," Bhanshal said in thethird Asian Invitational Conference on family Business.

He further said a lot of companies do not have regularinvestor relations programmes, their corporate governance issuspect, the businesses are not growing and some of thecompanies are not traceable.

Prof K Ramachandran, Professor of Family Business andWealth Management said, "there is now greater awareness aboutwhat the family strength is and how the families can staytogether and work together and build the family business. Theawareness is growing across the country for the past fewyears,".

Replying to question on the separation of Ambanibrothers he said complexity in family business comes as thegrowth comes.

"The complexity is how to run the business. When thebusiness is small there is no complexity. Team management anddelegation of powers is easy. If it expands, the transitionand transformation challenges are there to face,", he said.

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