Kannada literati give politicians cold vibes

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Prof G Venkatasubbaiah
Bangalore, Feb 5: With the amazing opening of the Kannada Sahitya Sammelana that was celebrating everything Kannada, from arts, culture, literature, everything was enjoying a smooth run. All those attending was swelling in the Kannada pride. But the event was hard-hitting for the politicians who were attending as the literati blasted the politicians for shaming Karnataka with corruption.

The presidential address by sammelana president Prof G Venkatasubbaiah was a no-holds barred one which echoed the sentiments of the large number of Kannadigas present there. He was quoted as saying, "Now, Karnataka has earned the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt state in the country. The power-hungry political parties are discarding the Constitution and fighting among themselves. There is no culture or dignity in the speech, behaviour or dealings of some legislators. What an irony it is as if those who should protect the people fight among themselves?''

The 98 year Venkatasubbaiah compared the political drama in Karnataka to a daily soap and said that people have lost faith in the system governing them. He used his power of speech to make authorities in power to sit up and take notice of the clout intelligentsia enjoyed over the Kannada public.

He also slammed the rhetoric used by the politicians and said, "Abusive language is the weapon of the incapable. The weak use it as a knife which should not be.'' He also expressed hope that the politicians would come to their senses soon and would stop their mad clamour for power.

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The politicians in spite of the humiliating situation they were will be heaving a sigh of relief. With the recent exposure of the black money trail and no names of Karnataka politicians being in the shameful list, they must be a content lot at the moment.

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