Cong disfavoures govt taking on the burden of petrol prices

Written by: Pti
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New Delhi, Feb 4 (PTI) Despite admitting that UPA''s"greatest criticism" comes on the issue of price rise,Congress has disfavoured the government taking on the burdenof petrol prices, noting that it "may not be sound economics".

"The government has decontrolled the price of petrolwhile it still provides subsidy for diesel and cooking gas. Itmay not be sound economics to keep on taking the burden forpetrol prices while there is an ever increasing demand forpetrol vehicles," it said.

In an editorial piece in the latest issue of partyjournal "Congress Sandesh", it noted that the increasingdemandfor the vehicles was because of the "increased affluence" ofthe middle class.

The journal said among the "greatest criticism" faced bythe government today is the rise in prices. "No doubt enhancedprices affect the budget of one and all. The greatest effectis felt by the poorer sections of society".

Stressing that some of these happenings are not of thegovernment''s doing, it said the ever rising prices ofpetroleum products is due to the increase in crude pricesinternationally.

"Prices can only be kept lower by providing subsidieswhich would deprive the government of resources for otherdevelopment projects," it felt.

Besides, it said the rising prices of some of the foodcommodities especially vegetables and onions currently are"out of the control" of the central government.

"The question which the opposition is not answering is,that if they think they could have done better, then why theprice of these vegetables is not under better control in theopposition-controlled states".

Noting that the affected common man is not concerned asto who is to blame and is concerned about making both endsmeet, it said the centre is seized of the matter and is doingall under its control to bring down the prices.

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