Village Vision Cell to supplement rural development activities

Written by: Pti
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Kohima, Feb 3 (PTI) As part of its annual actionplan 2011, Kohima District Planning and Development Board(DPDB) has conceived formation of �Village Vision Cell (VVC)�to supplement activities of village development (VDB) andother agencies, both governmental and non-governmental, tofacilitate developmental activities at grass root level.

Under the theme �back to the roots,� the proposed VVC�srole will be mainly advisory in nature and assist the agenciesassociated with rural developmental activities to acceleratethe growth process.

According to an official release, the VVC will be avoluntary body and form a linkage both at micro as well as atmacro levels by supplementing the activities of VDB and otheragencies concerned.

In Nagaland, the VDBs, statutory bodies, look aftermost of the development schemes in villages like panchayats inother parts of the country.

The basic purpose of the formation of a VVC is to makebest use of available human resources. Observing that theeducated people migrate from villages and settle in urbanareas, the DPDB feels that an effort should be made topersuade the educated people who do not live in the villagesto be involved in sustainable development of their villages.

The members of the VVC may include elected legislativemembers, noted bureaucrats, gazette officers, retiredofficers, successful entrepreneurs and other prominentprofessionals, the release said.

However, the VVC will not interfere in villageadministration, law and order problem unless its opinion issought for.

The main objectives of the �back to the roots� is tobring back all the resourceful people of the village to theirbirth place and give them a chance to sit together, plan andgive something to their village to which they owe and belongto, the release said.

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