Sham-university students stumble on fresh disputes

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Hyderabad, Feb 3: The Tri Valley university sham is getting murkier and more stories seem to emerge. But in spite of all, it is the students that have had to bear the brunt of the dilly-dallying by the US and Indian authorities. There is a blame game that has ensued over who will take responsibility over the sorry state of affairs.

The latest news to emerge on the 'sham-university" is that certain students got a 20 percent cut for bringing in others students for admission. The cut was substantial considering that the amount was calculated on the tuition fee that was approximately Rs 8 lakh for a fresher. Also, the university was red-flagged over its many discrepancies from class hours, buildings to even the validity of student visas.

Many of the students who were duped are from Andhra Pradesh, with some claiming that they were lured into Tri- Valley with the promise of job prospects and better career enhancement. These findings were revealed by an NRI cell (at the Secretariat) to AP chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy.

The report stated how prospective students were poached from other universities and also found that more than 100 students had obtained their visas via other universities and not from Tri-Valley itself.

The students had to restore to unfair means to attain the visas as Tri Valley was not authorized to provide I-20 forms that was mandatory when applying for student visa (F-1). The university also issued fake forms that raised the risk to students manifold on checking. Students also took admissions here with valid visas from other universities.

Reports also say that only 140 of the 5500 students had acquired the form from Tri Valley. A duped parent has been quoted as saying, "While most universities issue I-20 forms without much hassle, Tri-Valley University management or agents charged Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000."

The Consul General of India in San Francisco Sushmita Gongulee Thomas, however questioned on how the students could be at fault when they entered the country on valid visas. She also said that the US missions in Chennai and Hyderabad are to be blamed along with the University officials.

Lets hope India sheds its complacent attitude and takes a decision upfront before the students agony escalates further.

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