Self-belief and consistency will help India to lift WC: Anjum

Written by: Pti
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New Delhi, Feb 3 (PTI) Former women''s cricket teamcaptain Anjum Chopra feels self-belief coupled with consistentperformance over the past four years give Team India a realchance of bagging the Cricket World Cup.

"I feel India have a fantastic chance and it is not justme but the players themselves believe in it. They themselvesfeel from within that they can do it," said Anjum, a veteranof six World Cups.

"Moreover, the way Indian team has been consistentlyperforming over the past four years -- from 2007 to 2011 --has been brilliant. The growth has been exceptionally well.

They have got the new talent and have the experienced playersalso performing for the team."

Refusing to speak about any individual in particular tolook out for during the sporting-extravaganza, the 33-year-oldcricketer said that it should be the team we must be talkingabout.

"I will not go for individual players but look at it as awhole team. The team''s main goal during the World Cup would beto see that the side wins on a particular day against aparticular opponent. And whether it is the No 11 or No 3getting you the victory runs or wickets, it does not matter.

"At the end of the day you need to get those victoriesunder your belt and go on to the next stage. I would not liketo see any stand-out performer during the competition butwould like to see more people contributing to the team''ssuccess," said Anjum, who has played 12 Tests and 116 ODIs.

Anjum also brushed aside that team India would be underpressure of expectations playing at home.

"In international cricket or for that matter anycompetitive sport there is always pressure and a player has tolive with it. A player must enjoy the pressure.

"As far as Indian cricketers are concerned, they knowthat they have fans all over the world. They always face thatkind of pressure and I think the boys would be able to pull itoff with ease," she said. .

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