One person killed, hundreds injured after clashes in Cairo

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CAIRO, EGYPT: One person on Wednesday was killed and hundreds of people were injured after protesters clashed with Mubarak supporters in Cairo, Egypt, Al Arabiya television reported.

Thousands of people gathered for the ninth day of protests in order to force President Hosni Mubarak to step down as Egyptian leader in Cairo's Tahrir Square. On the other hand, crowds of Mubarak supporters also marched nationwide.

Both groups clashed in Tahrir Square and threw stones at each other despite the heavy security deployed by Egyptian authorities. The Health Ministry said that 403 people were injured.

Hours before the confrontation, the Egyptian army urged all citizens to return home and cease protests in order to restore order. However, protesters gathered on Wednesday chanting "We will not go, he will go."

According to Al Arabiya, Mubarak supporters paid some people to throw Molotov bombs at the protesters which set Tahrir Square on fire. Egyptian soldiers fired warning shots at the protesters to disperse them.

On Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama urged an immediate and orderly transition of government. Obama commended the Egyptian military for thus far allowing peaceful protests while protecting the Egyptian people, noting that military tanks have been covered with banners, while soldiers and protesters embrace in the streets.

In addition, Mubarak said that he will not run for another term in the next elections but will remain at the helm of the African nation until the last months of his mandate. Mubarak has been at the helm of the northern African country for 30 years.

President Mubarak also asked the Egyptian parliament to hold a session in order to discuss election reform ahead of September presidential elections. Previously, Obama urged Mubarak not to contend in the upcoming elections as well as restraining from pushing his son or other ally as candidate.

On Sunday, Obama spoke with to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and Saudi King Abdullah on Saturday, and to UK Prime Minister Cameron to discuss the ongoing situation in Egypt.


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